We the United Knives of Your Kitchen Drawer

We the United Knives of your Kitchen Drawer, in order to form a more perfect edge, establish (and maintain) sharpness, insure kitchen tranquility, and provide for the common chef, do ordain and establish this list of Do’s and Don’ts.


  • Throw us in a sink full of water and dirty dishes—we can’t swim and bruise easily!
  • Put us in your fancy dishwasher—to us it is the Cauldron of the Devil, inferno heat, detergent and heavy banging!
  • Use us on a glass or ceramic cutting board!
  • Throw us in the drawer with those other low-life utensils!
  • “Steel us,” as in that steel rod you got with us; throw it out, you don’t know how to use it


  • Wipe us off with a warm cloth and put us immediately in a block or on a magnetic knife strip!
  • Make sure these knife holders are no more than 180 degrees and one step away from your sink!
  • Get a block or bar and quit throwing us in any drawer!
  • Use wood or plastic cutting boards!

Sharpened Knives