Price Guide

The Sharp Brothers may charge extra for knife restoration including fixing broken tips, edge straightening, and chip removal.

Size/Type Price
Small, up to 6" $7
Large, over 6"$9
Cleavers $10
Scissors $7
Long blade trimmers $10
Loppers $8
Pruning clippers$8
Hatchets and axes $10-15 depending on condition
Rotary lawn mower blades $10-15 depending on condition
Reel push type lawn mower $35 including adjustment
House Calls $10-25 depending on drive time


How to deliver your knives:

  1. Keep your knives in a block, if you have one. If not, cover the blade with cardboard from a cereal or cracker box.
  2. Firmly wrap the item in an outer covering such as newspaper, a towel or plastic bag.
  3. Secure the the outer wrapping with rubber bands
  4.  Mark your name and contact information on the knives.  Please include your phone and email address.